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Web Site Templates



Your welcome to use the templates on your non commercial web site as
long as the link back to me remains on the pages. Some knowledge of
HTML is required. If you have no idea about HTML get a free what you see
is what you get editor like Microsoft Front Page Express. Click on the Template
of your choice  and download to your computer. You will need an unzipping program like winzip .

All screen shots are Internet Explorer previews if there is a change in the appearance of the page in Netscape I will include that in the description.


DE - Blues Click to Dowload

Mint Stripe
A blank button and banner is included in zip. In Netscape there is a space
between the top of your browser and the start of the table.

Kewl Blue
In Netscape the top row of links appear to be buttonized and the links are underlined and do not change color when you mouse over. (Image links fixed)

Kewl Blue - Click to download

More Blue
Believe it or not this is not my favorite color but it looks sharp on websites

More Blue - Click to download

Rose Iface
Your will need a graphics editor to put in the options for your pages in the Iface.  If you do not have a graphics editor I may be able to put them in for you.  Contact me and I will do it as time permits.

Rose and Pink
This is a classy looking site that implements IE 5.5 CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).